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bmw repair charlotte
One of the biggest assets to a repair facility today as far as equipment goes, is the diagnostic equipment. These are the computers that talk to hundreds of computers within your Mercedes and BMW cars, trucks and SUV’s. There are computers for almost every function your vehicle has to handle the task of finding out why your 745I or LI does not have any sound from the stereo or why the I drive does not function properly (this goes for all models with I drive). We use the industry trusted diagnostic tool “Auto Logic” along with training and a plethora of help from the various websites and forums we belong to that do our continuing education training as well.

charlotte bmw repair
For your Mercedes, we use this diagnostic tool and a lap top with an operating system that allows one to activate most components to test many features within your vehicle, for example, if your wipers stop working, we can activate them with the lap top and see if the message to operate is generated and where it terminates to help find the problem. Did you know that if your hood is not closed on a modern Mercedes Benz, the wipers will not work? If the hood is not closed on a BMW with an SMG transmission, the car will not move. Little things like this differentiate us from your Mercedes or BMW dealer and help improve our business every day.

Think of Southend Import Car Care the next time you have issues with your Mercedes Benz or BMW. We will provide you the best ongoing service at a fraction of the cost you’d spend at your dealer. Call us today (980) 819-9230 to schedule your next appointment!

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